About Me

My dad was a writer and he was my inspiration. I used to watch him write books and poetry on an old manual typewriter. When I was just a little girl, I started writing stories with a pencil on wide ruled school paper.

Both of my parents inspired me to have a relationship with Jesus Christ. They were great examples of  what He can do for you. If I have any writing ability, it is all because of Him.

My husband and I live in west Texas, where we usually don't get enough rain. We share our home with a dog and three parrots, all of which make our lives more interesting. And messy. Very  messy.

For over twenty years, I worked as an RN. While it was rewarding in many ways, it didn't allow me much time to pursue my first love, writing. Now I have the time, but I'll admit I don't always have the dedication or inspiration. Still, I enjoy writing, and have been a columnist for a Time to Love Magazine, and a contributor for many e-zines. I learned a great deal from Faithwriters.com, a Christian writers' site, and highly recommend them to any writer of any experience for gentle but honest critiques. Some of my short stories are published in their anthologies.

In October of 2013, my first e-book was published on amazon.com, fulfilling my life long dream of completing a book. I have since added two more fiction books and a short dessert book. I plan to keep adding books as long as I can still see and move my fingers over the keyboard.

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