Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Just Dance

Today I want to welcome my good friend, Lenda Blackmon. We attend church together and have been in the same writing group. Lenda is a talented writer whose work appears at Faithwriters. She has agreed to share a poem with us today. Even better, she offers a fun writing exercise at the end.

Lenda Blackmon


                                                             Pencil Dancing

                                                          by Lenda Blackmon

As a little girl, like most I’m sure, I wanted to be a ballerina. We didn’t have money for dance lessons, but that didn’t stop me from locking myself in my room with my record player and some old records and dancing to my heart's content. Of course I never let anyone see me, but I could see the sold out crowd before me.

Years later as I put that dream away to become a writer, I did what is called a timed writing. In a timed writing you choose a subject like dancing, and write as fast as you can about that subject for a limited amount of time; say five minutes. This starts the creativity flowing, and sometimes a story or poem will emerge. For me it was the following poem.

                                                            Center Stage

                                                            Center stage
                                                            Curtains open wide.
                                                            Spotlight on me.
                                                            One twirl, then two.
                                                            A leap through the air,
                                                            And I’m through.
                                                            Until next time,
                                                            When I can be alone
                                                            With my music
                                                  And an audience that’s not there.
                        But they’ll give me a standing ovation, bravo, bravo, they’ll cry, next time.

I think I’ll go try another one now, how about you?  Write on the subject of love for five minutes, GO!

 See, I told you she was talented. I hope you enjoyed meeting her and if you have a minute, or five, try the exercise. Until next time ~

Happy Writing! 


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