Thursday, December 11, 2014

Hope Filled Fiction

My special guest today is Rita Garcia, a lovely lady and a talented writer. She holds a doctorate in psychology, and has written a series of books called the Serenity Cove Novels.

Dr. Rita Garcia

From a young age I enjoyed reading a good romance story. And then there were the fairy tales, I watched them with my daughters, and now how exciting to watch them again with my granddaughter. Yet, that happily ever after path, like most areas of our lives, often include conflicts and struggles. While romance is a big part of my novels, hope is an even larger element of the stories I write. With God’s guidance we can overcome and achieve the best life that, I believe, God designed for each of us.

The Serenity Cove novels are set in a small fictional seaside community. The novels are contemporary mixed with the flavor and charm of small-town America, although I’m sure it shares many similarities with places I enjoy. I grew up surfing and frolicking in the ocean—I love the beach. The ocean is one of the reasons I adore living in Southern California. And Maui with its wonderful beaches is a favorite vacation spot for my husband and me.

I refer to the Serenity Cove novels as, Hope Filled Fiction. Life often takes us on paths that are filled with twists and turns that cause us to struggle and sometimes lose our way. Through Christ we always find hope. This is the basis of the stories that take place in Serenity Cove. I consider it a privilege and joy to weave stories about places and people that warm my heart and soul.

Link to Rita's books.


I know you’ll agree with me that Rita is a blessing.

A final thought: If you know an author, take just a minute to share a link for them, write them a positive review, and tell your friends about their books. Even better, order a few for yourself, your friends, and family to simplify your Christmas shopping. There are millions of books out there, so sometimes it’s hard to be visible in such a huge sea.

And remember, if you help an author, you’ve made somebody very happy who has spent months in front of a computer screen sweating, laughing, crying, screaming, eating Oreos and banging their head against the keyboard. So, support your local author and all that. Thank you very much. 

Happy Writing!



  1. I have enjoyed all of Rita's books--they've been a needed escape!!!

  2. Yes, Rita is a very talented author. Thanks for stopping by, and help us spread the word.

  3. Betty, thank you for having me as a guest on your beautiful blog. I enjoyed my visit. :)