Friday, November 21, 2014

That November Writing Thing


NaNoWriMo ends on November 30th. For those who are aren’t familiar with this, it’s National Novel Writing Month, an annual competition against yourself and a race against time. The participant has to write a minimum of 50,000 words to win within the month of November, with little, if any, attention paid to grammar, editing, etc. These can all be fixed later.

I entered this year for the second time, but it doesn’t look like I’m going to win. I’m okay with that. I did it mainly to push myself to start a new book. The first time I entered was 2010. That was the year Faylene appeared, and when I won, I really didn’t think I would ever enter again.

The New Kid on the Block

My new character, who also is a baby boomer gal from a small west Texas town, is not nearly as vocal as Faylene. I have to prod her to get her to tell me what she’s thinking, and even then, she’s stingy with her thoughts. The weird thing is, Faylene keeps pestering me, and I really thought she wanted to retire.

When my new MC does share with me, Faylene is often in the background, laughing at the two of us trying to communicate. I’m pretty sure she’s chucked me on the shoulder a time or two and said, “Tell your new pal I would never have handled it that way. She needs to suck it up.”

Maybe when I get to know my new MC better, things will flow more naturally. In the meantime, I’ll keep banging on the keyboard, and if I get it wrong, hopefully one of the ladies will let me know.

Coming Attractions

On a different note, I have a guest author scheduled for next Tuesday. It’s someone many of you know, and I think you’ll enjoy her.

I welcome your comments, so if you have a minute, please leave me a note to say hello.

Happy writing, 


  1. You couldn't have chosen a better subject than my dear friend, Verna. Having just published her third book, Verna is a prolific writer of the finest sort. Because of our human nature, we are all flawed, but Verna, more than most of us, is one to whom the term "guileless" could more appropriately be assigned. Her writings are a reflection of herself; sunny, encouraging, uplifting, full of joy and God-blessed. She is a prolific writer with three published books tucked neatly under her writing belt. She insists that her latest book is her last, but writing is not just a pastime with Verna, it's a passion. I'm looking forward to her next book!