Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Never Say Never

And That's My Final Answer

Today is a good day, a decisive day. I have finally come to a final-final decision, again, about my next book.

When I started the Faylene in High Plains series, I didn't know it was going to be a series. I had a quirky, fifty something character who had been rattling around in my head for quite some time. When I finally confronted her, she told me exactly what I was to write about her. Furthermore, she told me she couldn't possibly tell it all in just one book.

I agreed to let her star in a trilogy, but drew the line after book number three. It was hard trying to keep Faylene, her pals and situations fresh, so I assumed she was tired. When I finished the last book, it was a relief not having to think about what she was doing anymore.

I have some readers who have asked me to write more books about Faylene. While this makes me feel really good and loved, I had decided I just wasn't going to do it. "No, never," I said to myself. "Faylene is done. I'm moving on to a new book and a new character." However, Faylene is a stubborn gal who usually gets her way. No, that's not true. She always gets her way.

 Faylene is Laughing Her Head Off at Me


So, it is with great pleasure (and a lot of pressure from Faylene) that I am announcing book number four in the Faylene in High Plains series will be out in 2015. As I write this, Faylene is laughing her head off at me. I think I heard her say, "Never say never, y'all." 

Happy Writing! 


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Almost Me

There is a story I want to write, but I don't feel I'm ready to share it just yet. It might not be real exciting to most people. You see, it's a about a sixty something gal who, through a series of mishaps, fumbles, and divine appointments came to a good place in her life. To tell it just right, I have to reach down into places I haven't visited for a long time. Some of them are a little uncomfortable, because the situations tucked away there are sad, embarrassing, ridiculously funny, unlikely, or downright unbelievable. This gal may or not be me. Okay, she's mostly me, but I would fictionalize some of her life to protect the guilty and to make her story, well, fiction.

As Christmas and the end of another year draws closer, I go through many of the same emotions I do every year at this time. If I don't write this story in the coming year, how will people know anything about this gal? This always leads to the question, why would they want to read her story anyway? She's just an ordinary person, although I could jazz up a few situations to make the readers think she is worth reading about.

In my mind, she has profound wisdom to share

And then I remember it's that magical time of the year when reindeer fly and snowmen talk. All righty, then. With a big, dumb smile on my face, I'm convinced people would want to read about an average person.  This gal who is almost me has a deep, melancholy side. In my mind, she has profound wisdom to share. Heck, if kids now days would only listen to me, uh, I mean her, their lives would be a breeze. I envision her tale as a best seller that makes people laugh, cry, and ponder life.

The truth is, I don't know if I will ever write this story. I'm not really that special, except perhaps to one - Jesus. God sent his son because he loved me. ME.

Scripture tells us how we can know we are special to God.

 Isaiah 7:14 -Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel.

 He already knows all there is to know about our ordinary lives

At this time of year especially, I am reminded of the gift God sent to us. Christ knows the end of my story; I do not. I've always heard you shouldn't write your story if you don't know where it's going. What matters is each of us is profoundly important to our creator. He already knows all there is to know about our ordinary lives.

When I remember this, the story in my head gets a little fainter, at least for a while. Maybe someday I'll pound out this story on the keyboard. If I don't, that's okay, too. I'll still know I'm an exceptional ordinary person, whether I tell the story of "Almost Me" in a best seller or not.

Happy Writing!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Hope Filled Fiction

My special guest today is Rita Garcia, a lovely lady and a talented writer. She holds a doctorate in psychology, and has written a series of books called the Serenity Cove Novels.

Dr. Rita Garcia

From a young age I enjoyed reading a good romance story. And then there were the fairy tales, I watched them with my daughters, and now how exciting to watch them again with my granddaughter. Yet, that happily ever after path, like most areas of our lives, often include conflicts and struggles. While romance is a big part of my novels, hope is an even larger element of the stories I write. With God’s guidance we can overcome and achieve the best life that, I believe, God designed for each of us.

The Serenity Cove novels are set in a small fictional seaside community. The novels are contemporary mixed with the flavor and charm of small-town America, although I’m sure it shares many similarities with places I enjoy. I grew up surfing and frolicking in the ocean—I love the beach. The ocean is one of the reasons I adore living in Southern California. And Maui with its wonderful beaches is a favorite vacation spot for my husband and me.

I refer to the Serenity Cove novels as, Hope Filled Fiction. Life often takes us on paths that are filled with twists and turns that cause us to struggle and sometimes lose our way. Through Christ we always find hope. This is the basis of the stories that take place in Serenity Cove. I consider it a privilege and joy to weave stories about places and people that warm my heart and soul.

Link to Rita's books.


I know you’ll agree with me that Rita is a blessing.

A final thought: If you know an author, take just a minute to share a link for them, write them a positive review, and tell your friends about their books. Even better, order a few for yourself, your friends, and family to simplify your Christmas shopping. There are millions of books out there, so sometimes it’s hard to be visible in such a huge sea.

And remember, if you help an author, you’ve made somebody very happy who has spent months in front of a computer screen sweating, laughing, crying, screaming, eating Oreos and banging their head against the keyboard. So, support your local author and all that. Thank you very much. 

Happy Writing!